LA PINTURA Official trailer!

by sikbitz

La Pintura is a graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers. La Pintura shows an image of these writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti in places where corruption, crime and economical issues are everyday business.

it will be released episodically on their youtube channel!

Episode #01 – Santiago, Chile
Episode #02 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Episode #03 – Montevideo, Uruguay
Episode #04 – Cape Town, South Africa

Writers and crew:
Afules, Bons, Cals, 2012K, SAPS, Yade, Rulek, DK, Xtre, Maur, Mudo, Cosme, Plus, 031, RSK, Calush, Min8, Pher, Rosh, Caes, SR, Spat, Kabe, BAS, DME, Hoper, Anto, Cesy, Vans, VAC, APC, Skore, VSK, Toe, Wer