The Lamzac Hangout!

by sikbitz


This is the Lamzac Hangout, a light and durable seat for chilling out anywhere!

The Hangout is a comfortable seat or sofa for two that you can fill with air within seconds using our unique filling technique (see our videos for a demonstration). While the hangout is large and comfy when you use it, it is easily deflated and stored in a small package allowing you to take it anywhere you want! As a result the Hangout is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as traveling, festivals, beach trips, hanging out in the park and much more. Meanwhile the lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use the Lamzac Hangout over and over again.

 it’s almost like a hammock without the hassle!

what i find great about this is that it can be filled up with air with ease.

Check out the video below which shows how quick and easy it is to go from 0 to chill in literally 10 seconds!

Retailing at €64.95, grab one here!