Underwater Drones!

by sikbitz

Johns hopkins university have smashed out this fantastic UAV drone called the CRACUNS aka The Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System.

They were essentially looking to design something that could work in corrosive water environments such as salt water. To test them they left one of their drones in a vat of salt water for two months and spun it up, as you can see in the video it works perfectly!

(Thought this might be interesting for all you droneheads out there)

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, have developed an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can stay on station beneath the water, then launch into the air to perform a variety of missions.

The Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System — or CRACUNS — is a submersible UAV that can be launched from a fixed position underwater, or from an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). A team from APL’s Force Projection Sector worked with fabrication experts in the Research and Exploratory Development Department to create a new type of unmanned vehicle that can operate effectively in two very different arenas: air and water.