The War of Currents arcade machine!

by sikbitz

This is The war of currents: Tesla vs edison arcade machine!

When you’re battling there will be unique moments (like the fatalities from mortal Kombat) where players can use their character’s (Tesla or Edison) special charged move to shock their opponent through the game’s joysticks!

The mad scientists at Real Art have built an arcade experience unlike any other: a one-of-a-kind cabinet with custom-milled metal joysticks wired with real voltage, and a one-on-one fighting game featuring the masters of electricity.

“The War of Currents” was unveiled in Austin at SxSW, but lives at Proto, the world’s first BuildBar in Dayton Ohio.

Grab a friend, choose your side of the war and take the sticks. If you can handle the pain, you can re-write the history books with your favorite master of electricity.

Cabinet, Gameplay and Video by Real Art:

Proto Buildbar:

Game & Video Soundtrack by Adam Haroff: