The Future is Now – Volume Two!

by sikbitz

Illustrator, Alchemist & Grand Maker of Pizza Josan is kickstarting his latest book – The future is now volume two!
Music by VHS Glitch

The Future is Now is an art book, a document that the Robo-President K3n3-DY has ordered everybody must have. It’s a compendium of the present future which will provide all the knowledge about Robo-City 16 and its dwellers. You will also explore exotic places outside the Robotic Union of Europe, like The Nation of the Sands, Harajuku Walled Island or the Independent States of Scrapland.

The most recent model is the Volume Two, which is currently in development, but will be conveniently delivered to you upon completion. You will be able to acquire Volume One too, and rewards according to your level of dedication to the City.

The artwork is amazing and I honestly could see this being turned into a series or film.

The thing i find most fascinating about this project is that it’s not just artwork, it’s an entire world/universe that Josan has created. A dystopian future where robot and man have blended together to create an entirely new humankind.

It raises tons of questions (this is where I start to daydream and imagine what it would be like) for example – would we find a religion of purists living in this future world who defy the norm of robotics and seem like insane fanatics hell bent on converting anyone in their path? Do people still get sickness and diseases? What is the most popular drink in the future?

Maybe leave your own questions in the comments and i’ll see if I can scrape together a Q&A for Josan!

I’ll definitely try and get my hands on books one and two and so should you!