The useless light switch!

by sikbitz

First there was the useless machines..and now ThinkGeek have released The useless light switch!

Now you can irritate all your friends by sneaking one of these into their house!

here are a lot of reasons for turning the lights off. Maybe you’re trying to reduce energy usage to save money. Or the planet. Maybe you’re flipping the switch so you can see the presentation. Or because you’re ready to go to sleep. On occasion, both of these simultaneously.

Whatever reason you’re ready to turn off the lights, the Useless Light Switch is here to help. You flip the lights on. And a lever comes out of the top screw hole in the switch plate to turn the lights back off. That’s all it does, but we promise every time new people encounter it, the confused look on their faces will bring a smile to yours.

Grab one here!