Sand Mattress??

by sikbitz

Version 2

While this looks like a normal everyday mattress it’s hiding an interesting’s actually Ultimate Earth Beds sand filled mattress!

While the website is promoting this more towards the hippy crowd it does have me wondering if this indeed would be comfortable to sleep on.

Human beings were designed to sleep directly on the Earth, a bed of leaves, sand, grass… covered perhaps by animal skins or other variations, but always upon the Earth itself. Its firmness supports our skeletal structure; its grounding energy promotes well-being.

The time has come to re-align ourselves with natural Earth sleeping. Now you can bring the outdoors indoors, in an elegant, modern way.


While having to use a rolling pin on your bed every day might be a little tedious it could be worthwhile if it’s better than the current sleep i get with normal mattresses.

Head on over to their website for more info!