80 Hi-res wordless movie posters!

by sikbitz

This gallery has a ton of new and old movie posters but they’ve had their text removed to give you a look at their original artistry.

I think they actually look better without text!

There are quite a few of these that would look great in a light up frame. They can be quite expensive though so if you’ve got a little bit of cash and some time to make one yourself then I think it would be worth going the DIY route.

It’s also worth mentioning that you would need to find a place that does double sided poster prints for reasons explained below!

A double sided poster basically has an image printed on the front side and the mirror image printed on the reverse side. These posters are made specifically for the light boxes you see at your local movie theatre. When these posters are lit from behind, the light shining through will project the image on the poster much more vibrantly.