TINYPINK – A new stencil cap!

by sikbitz


This is the TINYPINK – a brand new stencil cap by Matthew Dawn!

After a successful kickstarter campaign they will be available for most folks pretty soon.

This is a cap for doing very fine line work and adding detail to your pieces as you can see in the video below.

  • Clicks onto any standard can of spraypaint and stays firmly in its place, including brands like Montana, MTN, Molotow and Ironlak.
  • The hole in front is 3mm or 1/8inch wide.
  • Prevents dripping! Excess paint is captured in a 45 ml or 1,52fl.oz. reservoir on the front and any paint spilling through the hole is quickly guided back into the reservoir through a small incision.
  • Optimised for speed! Though it firmly stays in its place, it isn’t hard to move it from one can to the other, allowing you to swiftly switch between colors.
  • The front side is tilted! Many artists are used to holding their cans diagonal when detailing, having a tilted front face makes sure this habit is not disturbed.


The cap has a 45ML/1.52fl.oz. reservoir that serves as a containment for the dripping and excess paint that gathers during use. Just remember to empty it out regularly and you wont ever have to worry about paint dripping onto your hands.