Penn Jillette & weight loss!

by sikbitz

This is Magician Penn Jillette, who you may know of as the talking half of Penn & Teller!

I wanted to share this for anyone who is overweight and thinking about changing their life around.

I lost over 100 pounds, a third of my weight. I was probably at my heaviest. You don’t ever weigh yourself at your heaviest but I was probably over 340, certainly around there. And now as I sit here in front of you I’m probably about 232.

He even goes as far as to say that now he’s at a more comfortable weight he tends to eat what he wants..and what he wants has changed considerably!

He also makes a point of explaining that he didn’t do this transformation for vanity sake, it was to do with his own health.

Please take the time to watch the short video because it’s honestly really great insigjht into the logical mind of a very talented and intelligent person whos take on weight loss might inspire you to change too!