The Tessina camera watch from 1957!

by sikbitz


Reddit user catchoooo  uploaded a few images of this badass that he had inherited from his grandfather.

This is the 1957 Tessina watch camera!

It was created by an Austrian chemical engineer named Rudolph Steineck who lived in Lugano Switzerland. While it was manufactured by Siegrist in Grenchen Switzerland.


The Tessina takes 14×21 mm pictures on standard 35 mm film that is loaded into a special cassette. The whole camera itself is a very small twin lens reflex camera with two 25 mm f/2.8 Tessinon lenses, one for taking the picture and the other for viewing on a tiny ground-glass focusing screen on top of the camera. A 45° mirror is employed to bend incoming light onto the film, which lies along the bottom of the camera rather than the back to save space and is advanced via a clockwork master spring built into the takeup spool, with a pullout winder like the crown on a wristwatch.

Check out the video i found below for more of a hands on look at this interesting camera!