Drew the Pencil Lamp!

by sikbitz


This is a giant HB pencil lamp by creative couple Michael & George!

They’ve named it Drew and looks pretty damn good if you ask me. It would fit in at any office or even in a kids bedroom as inspiration for imagination!

You can hit up their website for a chance to win one for yourself.


Speaking over on boredpanda:

It was this process of pencil on paper that led my husband Michael to come up with the initial sketches that turned into the giant handmade HB Lamp and the desk lamp version, Drew.

So after years of creative service bringing light bulb moments to life, we’ve given the humble pencil a light bulb of its very own. Designed to inspire, we hope our lamps will bring a little more creativity to the rooms of the world. Light up your life, and your imagination.


While their website doesn’t have much in terms of specs, it does have the above image showing that it’s seems to be powered via usb.


Launches on kickstarter – October 11th!