FuturePoi LED Smart Poi by Moodhoops!

by sikbitz


This is the FuturePoi LED Smart Poi by Moodhoops!

If you’re unaware poi are pretty much weight on strings that people swing/spin around in elaborate ways to make pretty patterns. They’re often used at raves because they’re totally awesome to watch when wasted.

I’ve seen LED poi before but nothing as awesome as this. They produce crazy psychedelic visuals and full blown 8-bit images that can be synced to both sticks so that they’re working together to produce some stunning imagery as you can see in the video and images below!


By clicking the FuturePoi on and off again, or by using the Remote, you can cycle through to the next Special Mode in the following order:

~Motif – Inspired by traditional art motifs with a splash of 8-bit iconography. Dynamic colors and effects layer to create endless variations and unbelievable trails.

~Waveform – Geometric waveforms produce mind-bending patterns that look great in orbitals and tight spins. Consumes very little power so your battery lasts longer.

~Motif Chaining – Stitches Motifs and Waveforms together into a repeating chain to produce endlessly fresh visualizations and never before seen combinations.

~Galaxy – A smooth and constant rainbow ripple to allow for mellow moods and flow-focused routines. Hypnotic and calming, whether still or in motion.

~Saved Presets – Only in FuturePoi Remote and FuturePoi Remote XL. Save your favorite Motifs and Waveforms and this mode will let you Shuffle them. Seamlessly cue your next Saved Preset to a beat or on command.

~Sync – Both light elements will display the same patterns, colors, and changes in sync. Plays back the same sequence each time. Can be used to sync many pairs of props at once!


Battery Run time:

Motif: 10 hours. Waveform: 22 hours. Motif Chaining: 10 hours. Galaxy: 8 hours.