Leotards for dogs?

by sikbitz

View More: http://heathersmithphoto.pass.us/shed-defender

Could this be the next big craze for dog owners around the world?

Shed defenders are basically made to stop your dog from dropping its hairs all over the place and leaving you spending hours cleaning them up. Gone are the days where you’re just about to leave the house and notice you’re covered in dog hairs!

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View More: http://heathersmithphoto.pass.us/shed-defender

The patent pending Shed Defender™ is the only solution to controlling pet hair and dander! It’s lightweight, breathable and contains the hair and dander when worn.


If you were also wondering about wether or not this would overheat a dog they’ve answered that question quite well on their FAQ

Does it make the dog hot or uncomfortable?

No, it is made out of a lightweight, breathable material that is designed to allow breathability and not retain heat. It has been inspected by veterinarians and they have approved. However, be careful not to leave your dog in hot environments with or without the Shed Defender™ due to heat exhaustion. Every dog reacts differently to the Shed Defender, sometimes it can take awhile for dogs to get comfortable in any type of garment, including the Shed Defender. They might walk a little funny or pick up their hind legs when they walk, but just give it time and they will soon forget they are even wearing it. They will probably give it a shake or two and then be on their way.