The Strandbeest Bike!

by sikbitz


Californian art and engineering collective Carv began developing the Strandbeest inspired walking bike in 2014 and it took about 8 months to complete!

J.P. had an idea to adapt Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest leg system to a bicycle. He made a quick model and 3d print of the idea in Sketchup and showed it around to some friends. Roy Wright came on board as the chief fabricator. Soon after, Blaine Elliott joined the team and added his special attention to technical details.

We spent about 3 hours a night, on Monday through Wednesday each week, slowly progressing through layout, material buying, mockups, jigs, cutting, welding, and bolting. In the end we had over 400 custom made parts, and couldn’t believe the thing actually worked.

Below is a time lapse video of the team putting the bike together which they say happened over the course of 3 days at night.

and here is a video of it in action!

While it’s not as fast as a conventional bike it sure does look amazing. The folks over at CARV have done a fantastic job bringing this project to life. It really is mind blowing when people take a seemingly normal product and throw it together with something as unconventional as a stranbeest!