SLO: 3D Printed Camera!

by sikbitz


This is SLO the 3D Printed Camera by designer Amos Dudley!

A 3D printed camera body could look like anything, but I decided to optimize the design for printing speed and material usage. Most of the larger parts are designed without overhangs in one orientation, so they can be printed without supports, straight off the build platform. Separating the body into modules let me prototype each component individually. The shutter and lens are modules, and can be swapped out for different designs without reprinting the entire camera.

There’s an entire entry about this over on the makers website which can tell you far more than I can about this interesting project, from how the lens was developed right down to a gallery of images showing off the power of this camera.

The great thing about this is that if you wanted to you can download the free files yourself to print one for your own use!