The Huion 580 review!

by sikbitz


In the box you’ll recieve the tablet itself, a manual for pc and one for mac, the pen, a pen stand and a CD with the drivers on it. First of all i was very impressed by the build quality of this graphics tablet, it is of considerably better build quality than it’s price.
After removing the tablet from it’s packaging I gripped it by either end and tried to twist the casing to test the rigidity and build quality, it didn’t twist in the slightest nor did it make any noises which indicates that the tablet is made of strong materials and put together well.

The touch surface itself has a boarder surrounding it which has a gloss finish, this tends to get covered in hand prints pretty quickly but a quick wipe down with a cloth will remove them. There are four rubber pads under the tablet which allow the tablet to grip firmly to most surfaces with ease.
An LED lights up green when the pen is in contact with the surface to show that it is in use.

After installing the drivers and restarting my computer I plugged in the tablet and opened up a graphics program..only to realise that the pen itself didn’t have a battery in it! DOH!
It is stated on their website that due to different custom laws for different countries, CDs and battery for the pen might not be allowed to be included in the package. So make sure you have some AAA batteries as the pen needs one to function.

After inserting the battery I tried to move the mouse pointer and realized I had not depressed the top button on the pen. It is exactly like a clicker on a ballpoint pen to turn it on and off which i found to be excellent as I tend to be switching between the tablet and my mouse regularly. The pen also has two other buttons which essentially act as left and right mouse clicks.

There is a pen stand that comes in the box which fits together in two parts, like a kinder egg. It has a foam insert that holds four extra pen tips and a metal ring to aid in removing the tip from the pen itself for replacement. Due to the weight of the pen I have had two choices, add weight to the pen holder or fix it to my desk somehow, I decided to put some blu tack inside the pen stand and this solved the problem.
You can find the technical specs HERE

If you’re looking for a starter graphics tablet, I highly recommend this.

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