Elos skateboard!

by sikbitz


Check out this nifty little skateboard!

It’s called the Elos and is currently on kickstarter where it’s recieved $57,658 of the $56,000 goal, so it should be released next year for general purchase.

This has been designed as a replacement to longboards, which are often bulky and heavy to carry about during regular day to day activities. That’s why the Elos has two handholes and a compact design. Don’t let that fool you though as it still carves just like a regular longboard!


The Elos Skateboard measures 17.5 x 10 x 4.6 inches, with a deck shaped like a two-dimensional egg, so it looks a whole lot goofier than a traditional skateboard. It has a seven-ply hard maple deck, with carry handles cut into the sides for conveniently carrying the whole thing by hand. Large 71mm cruising wheels allow it to ride cleanly over any city terrain, with 180mm aluminum trucks enabling highly-responsive steering.


As you can see above, they’ve decided to completely remove the standard griptape and replace it with “a foot anchor” to increase traction and to provide tactile feedback. While i’m honestly not sure if this is a good idea, it certainly seems to be going down well with people.