Worlds largest arcade cabinet!

by sikbitz


The first of its kind was the brainchild of Jason Camberis from Chicago, USA but now you can buy your own for a small loan of $99,000!

As of right now this is the largest arcade machine on the market, Standing a whopping 14 1/2 feet tall and 2 3/4 times the size of a standard arcade machine. It’s so big that people really do struggle to even reach the controls, which could make this more frustrating than fun.

Standing 14 1/2′ tall and 2 3/4X the size of its standard counterparts, this is the replica of the world’s largest video arcade game. A colossal challenge for even the most experienced gamer, players face an 80″ screen, one 16″-diam. trackball, eight 3 1/2″-diam. buttons, and two 9″-high joysticks. Preloaded with over 250 of arcades’ greatest hits. With built-in sound system and a Windows gaming PC that is compatible with all PC games (includes 3.0GHz processor, 4GB SDRAM, and 1GB video card). Plugs into AC. Non-working coin door.