Atlantium: The smallest country in Australia?

by sikbitz

Welcome to the smallest country in Australia – Atlantium!

The non-territorial global sovereignty movement and state entity known as Atlantium was Founded as a local political statement by three Sydney teenagers on 27th November, 1981 and it now has a diverse, rapidly growing population living in some ninety countries.

Atlantium is predicated on a belief in the inevitability and the desirability of eventual global social, economic and political union, and it operates as a secular, pluralistic, liberal, social democratic republican monarchy. We encourage the active participation of Citizens in the public life of the Empire, and invite anyone with the desire and motivation to forge their own destiny as a true citizen of the world to consider joining us.


They have pretty much everything anyone could need to start a country, an anthem, a flag and a capital!

Check out their official website where you can apply to become a citizen of Atlantium.