Pillbox Bat Co!

by sikbitz


Pillbox Bat Co are a bat making company in the USA that takes its name from the old Downtown Park in St. Paul, Minn that was known for it’s smaller than normal size.

We like to think that the Pillbox Bat Co. started over two decades ago when Zak Fellman and Dan Watson were playing little league baseball together. Most games Zak was pitching and Dan was playing shortstop. We made our first bat even while we were in little league. Crafted from a tree limb and painted with house paint. A dozen or so of these homespun bats launched tennis balls and racquetballs in roughly organized home run derby’s and pickup ballgames in the neighborhood.


Each Pillbox baseball bat is crafted in the USA and hand-painted at their shop in Winona, Minnesota. Constructed of solid maple and emblazoned with the Pillbox Bat Co. mark just above the grip.

There are 13 designs currently available but they have the option to have one custom designed to your specifications if needed!