3D Printed Camera Lens?

by sikbitz

Photographer and youtuber Mathieu Stern is no stranger to experimental processes, in fact thats his bread and butter. His channel is packed full of inspiring videos for any budding photographer.

In this video he has created his own camera lens.

He picked out an 1890s lens in a box and decided to see if it was possible to make his own lens housing. After creating a housing out of cardboard to figure out the focal length and other measurement, he managed to find a French 3D printing agency called FABULOUS who agreed to help 3D print a housing!


The lens itself looks pretty crude but that’s to be expected from a plastic 3D print. I think the next step on this journey would be to find someone to machine the housing out of something a bit sturdier like aluminum.

The shots that this lens produces are deliciously bokeh-tacular.

Head on over to his website to see the rest of the shots!