Aftermath – apocalyptic short film!

by sikbitz


In a new, predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home.

This is a pretty gritty and down to earth short film written and directed by Jeremy Robbins. Centered around two brothers who are struggling to survive in a new ice age that has rapidly destroyed all semblance of normal life.

This short goes from chill to wew lad in seconds, leaving you asking yourself what it is you would do in their situation!

At its core, this is a film that imagines what it takes to grow up in a dangerous and lawless world. The story centers on a boy who still remembers what life used to be like before everything turned to ice – a childhood of birthday parties and movies and after-school cartoons. As Jem clings to his childhood, the responsibility for their lives falls to Cody, the older brother. He stays awake each night, rifle in hand, making sure they survive to see the next morning.

This is a film about a younger brother forced to grow up faster than he wants to, and an older brother who will do anything to protect the brother he loves.