The Instax square SQ10?

by sikbitz


Fujifilm have just announced their latest instant camera, the Instax square SQ10!

This is being advertised as the first square format hybrid instant camera and will be released on May 19, 2017.

The hybrid format essentially means it packs a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology. This means your images can be edited before being printed on the new square instant film.

The SQ10 is the first camera in the instax series to be equipped with the newly developed “ hybrid instax system” — a digital image sensor and image processing technology integrated with the existing instax system. These technologies enhance the ability of the SQ10 to take brighter photos in low-light conditions (e.g. indoor and night scenes) and close-up shots from a distance of up to 10 cm with new functions such as automatic exposure control, human detection, and auto-focus.

You will have the choice of ten different color filters and saturation, dramatic vignette effect that can adjust the light intensity of the peripheral portion of the image and brightness adjustment.

I’m hoping that the image processing can be expanded upon in future to allow for even more customization of images, even though it does come packed with tons of options it’s definitely paving the way for the future of instant cameras!


For all the technical details check out this page on the fujifilm website!