Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer!

by sikbitz

Primitive Technology has once again shown that he is the king of the jungle with this water powered hammer!

This is the first machine I’ve built using primitive technology that produces work without human effort. Falling water replaces human calories to perform a repetitive task. A permanent set up usually has a shed protecting the hammer and materials from the weather while the trough end sits outside under the spout. This type of hammer is used to pulverise grain into flour and I thought I might use one to mill dry cassava chips into flour when the garden matures. This device has also been used to crush clay for porcelain production. A stone head might make it useful as a stamp mill for crushing ores to powder. It might pulp fibres for paper even

I honestly want him to enter the iron age, smelting metal ore and shaping it in a forge. I suspect he is far from finished in regards to the pre-bronze/iron age because each video is showing more and more ways our ancestors solved even the most basic of issues.