Huge playstation 4 controller!


From what I’ve managed to decipher over at this is a huge playstation 4 controller was created for the release of the ps4 remaster of parapper the rapper!

I’d personally use something like this as a coffee table rather than a controller.


Its worth pointing out that the d pads don’t work properly but most of the other buttons do, it’s awesome to see that the power bar on the back of the controller is light up just like its real life counterpart.




Check out these badass stickers by designer Zach johnson, they’re released through his design studio Zenvironments!

ZENVIRONMENTS Studio is owned by ZACH JOHNSEN,  a multidisciplinary artist and designer, working both in the commercial sphere and fine art world. He works in graphite, watercolor, pen & ink and acrylic on mostly 2D surfaces and by far his most trusted medium is the micron pen.

The pack contains 18 stickers, ranging in size, color and style.  There is an Acid in the Ice Cream sticker, a Herbalist sticker, a Watchdog sticker, various art stickers and even some Zenvironments logos through in for good measure.


I’d also highly recommend checking out his other work over on his website because you’ll be greeted with awesome pieces like the boards below!


Sebastian Keep – Walls!

Well holy shit Sebastian Keep has balls of steel!

This video is completely insane, it takes a pure legend to come up with ideas like this and its clearly worked wonders, just watch won’t be disappointed.

The idea started with lets take 2 small ramps to city centres to jump off multi storey car parks and bridges, land on buildings and wall ride down them. We knew that what we were doing wasn’t exactly legal so we decided to wear high vis jackets and hard hats and try our best to disguise ourselves as road workers so that people would leave us alone. It worked!

One of these spots features a 20 foot vertical wall rides onto the ramp below, i’m not sure about you lot but this honestly had me at the edge of my seat.

It’s also worth checking out the video below for a more behind the scenes look at just how much dedication and effort it takes to create a video of this caliber.

Gummi Army Guys?


Check out these awesome gummy army soldiers by the confectionery company Albanese Gummies!

These Gummi Army Guys may look tough, but don’t let them fool you! They have a gentle Green Apple flavor that’s sure to please!

The great thing is they’re for sale in 1 lb or 5lb bags so you’ll never be short of these beastly treats.

One of the comments on their page states that there is also a red cherry variant available too but i personally think green apple would be about a billion times better.

On a side note does anyone remember standing on the green solider toys as a kid? They were almost as bad as lego.



The worlds smallest cup of coffee?

The foodie company Paulig asked designer, animator and director Lucas Zanotto to make a cup of coffee out of one bean!

Thus the worlds smallest cup of coffee was born!

Using one bean of Kenya AA-plus Karindum coffee he “grinds” it with a nail file, throws it into a small coffee filter and boils the water over a candle before mixing the two together to create a pretty damn small cup of coffee.


Dirt graffiti?


Your average person tends to scrawl “clean me” or some such pointless term but Artist Nikita Golubev (who goes by the name ProBoyNick) has been using an age old method of dirt removal to produce works of pure art on dirty vehicles!

When using traditional methods in graffiti, you don’t really have to put so much thought into the surface you will be working with, in this case you would only be able to work on dirty surfaces, which aren’t going to be in as much supply as walls.


It makes me wonder if he does other artwork on canvas etc, because these pieces are dope.

People who have this kind of vision are truly wonderful, i could only dream of stumbling upon these in day to day life.


Hit up his facebook to see more!


Butt lamps?


Slap it is a light in the shape off butts that you turn on by giving it a slap, pinch or squeeze.

Created and sold by London based designer Joseph Begley!

It’s a pretty simple design and idea that will bring a smile to most people, even if it’s for a split second.


The Instax square SQ10?


Fujifilm have just announced their latest instant camera, the Instax square SQ10!

This is being advertised as the first square format hybrid instant camera and will be released on May 19, 2017.

The hybrid format essentially means it packs a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology. This means your images can be edited before being printed on the new square instant film.

The SQ10 is the first camera in the instax series to be equipped with the newly developed “ hybrid instax system” — a digital image sensor and image processing technology integrated with the existing instax system. These technologies enhance the ability of the SQ10 to take brighter photos in low-light conditions (e.g. indoor and night scenes) and close-up shots from a distance of up to 10 cm with new functions such as automatic exposure control, human detection, and auto-focus.

You will have the choice of ten different color filters and saturation, dramatic vignette effect that can adjust the light intensity of the peripheral portion of the image and brightness adjustment.

I’m hoping that the image processing can be expanded upon in future to allow for even more customization of images, even though it does come packed with tons of options it’s definitely paving the way for the future of instant cameras!


For all the technical details check out this page on the fujifilm website!

The food of south park in real life?

If you haven’t seen binging with babish yet then you certainly deserve a good slap.

Each week we get a glimpse into just what it takes to recreate food from films and television, with a mix of lighthearted fun, serious cooking and the occasional fuck up make this channel the best thing I’ve come across in a long time.

If you pay attention you’ll pick up some great cooking tips too!

In this particular episode we learn how to make chefs infamous Chocolate Salty Balls, cartmans delicious scott tenorman parent chilli and randy marshs dangerously tasty creme fraiche!

Cup Noodle Candle?


Are you in love with instant noodles?

Let all your friends know with this instant noodle candle!

The design itself comes directly from the noodle company Nissin, which apparently have been around since the 1970s and haven’t changed their iconic design since.

The only problem I see with this candle is that it’s unscented, having spent so much effort making it look as good as a real cup of noodles you’d think it would have some smell to it..not that I would want my house to smell of instant noodles.